Master Key Mastermind Alliance


The MKMMA is a 24-week transformation of a lifetime.  If you are interested in changing your life for the better read the posts under the MKMMA category.  Over time, I will link each of the 24 weeks and a short thought of what the week was about.  This system is by invite only, if you decide you would like to learn more sign up for the 7 Day Mental Diet and I will update you as we get closer to each new course.


Each of the following weeks will link to the post for that week, just click on it to go to that weeks material.

I will update some of these from time to time to add more information about them, so check back regularly or subscribe.  Thank you for taking time to visit and have a blessed day.


Week 22 Give Up What’s Needed and Receive Your Due










Week 21 We Are All Miracles

Music In The Heart



Week 18 Stop Holding Myself Back

waiting for something


Week 17 Hero’s Journey

Hero's journy










Week 16 Goal Advancing



Week 15 More Gratitude Cards and New Virtues









Week 13 and 14 Relax and Watch A Movie



Week 12 Creating the Best You, Bear Hugs Kettle

My bear hugs kettle


Week 11 MKMMA goes live next year



Week 9 Laws of the Mind


Week 8 Shut Off the TV


Week 7 DMP and Music


Week 6 Link It, Link It Good


Week 5 Don’t Feel Bad If


Week 4 the dim light begins to shine


Week 3 DMP and PPN Will it Work for Me


Week 2 Subconscious


Week 1-Definite Major Purpose



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