Week 11 MKMMA goes live next year

MKMMA goes live in 2016!

Everything we are doing right now paves the way for the for going live next year.  All of our feedback, our growth, and our struggles with the master key mastermind alliance is paving the way for the live launch for 2016.  We are perfecting this system and ready to launch, will you cash in?  This MKMMA session and the sessions before were all building up going live.  Each time the course is given new people trained as guides.  If you want to be one do the work and learn what is needed, talk to your guide and let them know your intention.  You also can be on the affiliate side and bring people to the table.  For those that are reading this right now, the master key experience is by invite only, you don’t just say I’m in, it’s a process.  To learn more, you will need to fill out the information on the right sidebar and look for the updates to come.  This is life changing!

We had a week off last week

A lot of people emailed of subtle changes that were taking place

Time for a Billboard

We already have a movie trailer of our DMP and a poster, now it’s time for a one sentence DPM.  It should have a date, feeling, and figures.  Make sure you email it to your guide so they make sure the verbiage right.


We also went over and highlighted parts of, “the Master Key system” by Charles F. Haanel.

This webinar also went over the last two weeks of material.




Music and DMP

Over the last week, I remade my mixes of my DMP with music.


Week 9 post click Here

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