Week 12 Creating the Best You, Bear Hugs Kettle

This week was jam packed as others, but maybe I am just waking up to the information more.


7 Laws of the Mind

A recap of what we are doing to use the 7 laws of the mind to use the subconscious to our advantage.   Making it easier to manifest our definite major purpose that we are working on.  I’ll touch on some of them that were mentioned.

Law of Substitution

Replace those negative thoughts with happy positive thoughts.

Law of Dual Thought

My bear hugs kettleOne story shared was bear hugs kettle by Davine.  Long story short, a bears normal response when holding onto something and is startled or shocked, it squeezes tighter.  When a bear goes into the campers camp site and picks up the hot kettle the bear naturally squeezes more tight from the pain of the hot kettle.  The tight squeeze gets stronger the longer it holds it and eventually the bear dies by his own demise.  This is likened to our negative thoughts.  Most people go through life holding onto their negative thoughts, in reality, this is holding them back.  When we have those negative thoughts we need to think of the bear hugs kettle and change our thoughts to something more positive!  Even if it’s as simple as I took the trash out today.  It doesn’t have to be a massive positive statement or thought.







Law of Growth

This goes great with bear hugs kettle, what we think about we bring about.  If you think of the things you lack in life, then that’s what you’ll get.  If you think of things you’d like and enjoy, likewise that is what you are going to manifest.


More laws were mentioned, but there are a few other points I’d like to go over to keep this short and sweet. and I’d like to get to the creating the best you.

Creating the best you

In the master key mastermind alliance week 12 webinar it was mentioned that we should not worry about any new years resolution.  What we are working on right now surpasses the new years resolution a hundred fold.  Remember the subconscious mind does not know the difference from a small or large achievement.  To rephrase that last sentence, the subconscious, being our powerful molder of our life doesn’t know the difference between big or little achievements or thoughts.

It’s time to celebrate! fun celebrate

We perform hundreds of tasks each day successfully and yet when we screw up one task we beat ourselves up.  STOP IT!  From here on out let’s celebrate all of our achievements large or small. Remember the subconscious has no clue on size, you should celebrate everything you do.  Here are some examples.  I took out the trash today, I made breakfast this morning for my family, I drove to work safely, I smiled at the cashier and gave them a compliment and it cheered them up.  Celebrate the good and ignore the fact that maybe you lost a sale today because you overlooked an important detail.  Stop beating yourself up over one bad thing you did when you probably did a few hundred positive and nice things today.  Hopefully, this message here makes you feel good. Okay, you get the point.

This is where more 3X5 cards will come into play.

Get 60 to 100 3X5 cards.  On each card write one thing you were successful with or one of your affirmations.  So you should have 30 successful ones and 30 affirmation cards.  You should make two cards for each affirmation.  Remember these can be big or little successes.  Now take them and keep them as two separate stacks, a success stack, and an affirmation stack.  Read them throughout the day and shuffle them often throughout the day.  It was suggested to do 2 sets and leave one by your bed.


do it now promises salesman tithing trash will to be















This week is a Life Defining Week!

We all are able but are we willing to do the exercises as well.  Anyone can do this program, but with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

If you read this far do please do me two favors.  First, if you thought there is value to this share it and  sign up to receive updates.  Second, do the cards for yourself and see the difference you have in your life even 10 days later.  I suggest longer but understand how most of us are with committing to new things.  

thank-youThank you for checking out my post!



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