Week 13 and 14 Relax and Watch A Movie

Cool Runnings

(This blog is a little scatter brained, but jam packed with great info!)

Cool Runnings is a good movie about persisting even when everyone is against you.  In our lives, we have a lot of nay sayers and negative people, most of them are called relatives and friends.  This movie is a good way to look at making the change in your life that you may have been looking to do for a while now.  As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but think of the things I have learned from the Master Key System. (   )  Each day of reading the OG scrolls, my DMP, 3X5 cards, and everything else we are doing daily makes me a better person.  I can generally cope with the daily normalities better and also more positive about all that comes my way.  Being a yellow makes that easier.

To this point, I don’t recall going over my personality test.  I am a YELLOW.  

I am great with people, happy, charismatic, and love to have fun, but still disorganized.  I have gotten better by far and am still improving.  With that said here are a few struggles I have had in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

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I’ll be brief as this is not a pity party, but just an update of what you could expect at some point during the MKMMA.


There have been many days where some daily readings have been replaced by a short nap or unfocused thoughts of what I might do later.  With the Law of Dual Thought, I could have easily replaced those with enthusiasm on how far I have come and or a short walk to get the blood flowing.  Key here is we all have choices, to do the best things we can or slack off thinking we deserve some relaxation time.  Whereas I do deserve some relaxation time, it is just better served when doing something more productive to grow our laws that we are working with.  We all have been hard wired with our memes over the years and they are able to be changed.



We all are in luck!  The good thing for us all is we can change those memes to something new with little resistance if we want.



Back on track….the movie.

Persistence even when everyone is against you.

The Master Key System has really been an eye opener!  Other people have been asking about the changes in me and I am excited to share with them some of what I am doing.  I am excited to be a part of this worldwide launch this year of the MKMMA and looking forward to meeting the very people who have read my blogs that are going to join this next launch.  Will you be one of them?  I have some information to share with you if you are interested in learning more.  Just sign up on the right-hand side to receive updates.  Like OG scroll III, I persist, and I win!


Thank you for checking out my blog post and don’t forget to leave your mark showing you were here!  Please share or comment below.



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