Week 15 More Gratitude Cards and New Virtues





First off congratulations to everyone!

fun celebrate





We are now halfway, we are the elite, and we are still here.

This week is another PIF week.  (Pay it forward)

Don’t forget to blog your thoughts and share a comment on some of our fellow #MKMMA peeps.





You have greatness in you!


You are the light of the world!


STOP being afraid of yourself.


STOP holding yourself back?





Are you ready to learn why you don’t do something you’d like to?

You might be afraid that it will not turn out right, the reality is that you really will be so great at it that it scares you.  So what do I mean?  Most people think they are afraid of failure when we really are afraid of what people will say and on top of that we are afraid of our progress.  What if I do so good that people talk about me?  Are you ready for this?


Let your light shine, that is what we are here for.



Keep adding gratitude 3X5 cards daily but now add one for kicker cards.  A kicker card is one or two sentences about a positive experience.  An example of a kicker card would be getting kudos from work you did, or a clerk smiled at you while checking out at the store.

Also back to the colors.  On each of the 3X5 cards, you should add the shapes and triangles.  The red circle, green triangle, yellow box, and a blue rectangle.  Put one on each card in random spaces.  Don’t worry about what shape on what card or where to put it, just take a few minutes and throw them on.






Did you miss week 13 and 14?

Week 13 and 14 Relax and Watch A Movie















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