Week 16 Goal Advancing

Link to Week 15 more gratitude cards and new virtues

Goal Advancing!


This week I will be pretty brief.

The beginning information from this weeks training was about the exciting live master key mastermind alliance in Kauai Hawaii.  They will be having an awesome tour, most food provided, training, and a whole lot of fun.

Action items

Take down the color shape sheets around the house and put up the last sets.  The ones we are taking down have the four shapes that are colored in and goals written on them, but one goal is missing.  The ones we are putting up have the four shapes and colors still but two of the goals are not listed.  Put them in different places that the last ones.

Goal Advancing!

Make new 3×5 cards

Add 12 new 3×5 cards.  They will be goal cards.  Make 3 cards per color that you used on the goal sheets hanging up around the house.  Omit one thing from each.  To better explain this you will have a certain shape, color, goal, and accomplish dates if you had this as a complete goal card, but we don’t want it to be complete.  Omit one of the four items.  I will add some pictures of this in the next day or so due to time.

Kindness is the Virtue this week!

Do two acts of random kindness a day, in private or so they know it’s you.  Example push some carts into the corral before you leave the store you just shopped at.  Make a family members bed while they are not in there or do the dishes while the family sleeps.


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