Week 18 Stop Holding Myself Back

Stop Holding Myself Back!

 Week 18 of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance is my first real turning point.

hold back

I give myself permission to be successful, finally!

I totally got off track from #MKMMA course.  This week is a huge eye opener for me.  Although I am a few weeks behind on the blogs I will catch up because I am worth it!

The week 18 webcast has a lot of great information that I will cover in a few parts. First and foremost, it is time to get back on track!

First and foremost, it is time to get back on track.  I have stopped doing most of the reads and sits and only reading the greatest salesman in the world once a day.

Right now as I am writing this we are in week 20 and I have backtracked to where I stopped doing the assignments and am getting reengaged.  I am not beating myself up because that is counter productive.

I am celebrating!

Why am I celebrating?  Because I know that my future me is back on track to rewire those dang peptides that were pulling me back into my old blueprint!

Along with starting to do the daily activities I now have given myself the permission to succeed.  I think this is the most important step I have learned so far.  Like most people I have been holding myself back.  Even Trish talked about it in her analogy of moving the goal post. (Although she wasn’t the only one on the webinar that talked about moving the goal post)  I have been moving the goal post my whole life and celebrating each victory for a short time and then moving on to the next victory while being bored with the last victory.  I have done this so much that I totally stopped doing some important things that I had normally done as a habit.  I reached a point where I just stopped not just moving the goal post but not even attempting to move forward.  I wasn’t super happy but was content with my life and wanted to relax a whole lot more.


hold self back

No more!

I will finish this wonderful program and be back for more.

What would the person I intend to become do next

10 cards made of the above and stacking the deck!

Because I persist and I WIN!

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