Week 22 Give Up What’s Needed and Receive Your Due

Give Up What’s Needed and Receive Your Due!

A look back to week 20, which at this moment is not posted yet, sorry all I let life habits slide in for a few.  (Back to the new Blueprint for me!)

Talked about the exit strategy and what happens on March 27.


Do Something new!

Do I always do what’s comfortable or do I do what will help me progress?  We truly are where we are from years of the wrong actions.  Understand it and move on.

The components of the comfort zone this was explained in week 20.

  1. Fear
  2. Hurt Feelings
  3. Anger
  4. Guilt
  5. Unworthiness

When we change the way we look at things, things change.


Setting up the breakthrough to new reality is easy!

Be prepared to give up what’s not needed to move forward.

Master Key 15:3 Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles indicate that we are either refusing to
give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.



Fear gives you intense focus and should be used as energy.  Fear converts thoughts to action use it to focus on your definite major purpose.  (DMP)

2. Hurt

Use the energy!  If someone tells you your crazy or you can’t do something change your thought and focus on what you want.  Use the Law of Substitution, be grateful that people don’t think you’ll make it.  They will see you make it and you will celebrate.  Hurt feelings show us how much we care about our DMP.





3. Anger

Anger is massive energy use it!  Will you forgive yourselves and others?  This is a good place for the law of substitution and dual thought towards your DMP.  Anger is a good power tool when angry start doing 3-way calls or start working on something related to your business to help grow your paycheck.


4. Guilt

Guilt is really anger towards ourselves.  This can give use spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional energy, embrace it.  Know that this is validation of your dream.  When you feel guilty this means you are on track with your DMP.  As soon as possible do a sit and start doing what you missed that made you guilty to begin with.  Say a prayer if needed but don’t be negative towards yourself.  Instead of saying boy, was I stupid try saying something like that wasn’t smart how can I do it differently.  It’s not about good or bad but growth.  Don’t be negative to people around you either.

5. Unworthiness

You need to shift from constrictive to expansive.  Decide to give yourself permission to move forward and advance in all you do.  We are worthy of anything and everything we want but don’t over do it.  Choose what you really want and get it but don’t pile on so many things that you could never get them all finished even if you lived an addition 100 years.  When you pile on too much, at some point, you will feel unworthy of them all.  Accept your dharma and DMP and let everything else go!  Let go of the banana!



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