Week 23 Stop Wasting Energy Defending Yourself

Week 23 Stop Wasting Energy Defending Yourself


Do you want a different life or do you just think you do?  Are you just wanting less stress?  Are you working for a new reality or just relief?

The week webby focuses on being in the “Happy Knack”.

We’re all infected by society and culture.

It was referenced to reread, no study, Emersons Self-Reliance essay and find your inner voice.

There are three major sections to the essay.

  1. Importance of (SR) Self-Reliance
  2. SR and individuals
  3. SR and society

You should not rely on others judgements and set your own standards.  Don’t be a copy of someone else but watch, learn, and become you.

Right now, with this course, we are the one and five percent of the population that are on track to break the mold and excel beyond those around us!


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