Week 4 the dim light begins to shine

The dim light begins to shine brightly….

….as the ah-ha moment comes to me on a couple of things in week 4.

The first one was the weekly readings are recorded by the MKMMA staff in the back office.  Wow!  I was thinking it was just me that thought the readings were strange to begin with.  After reading the feedback from others, it is suggested to listen to the recordings but still read the materials.  A few of them had the same light come on when they found them.  I have to admit, It was great to find these gems and to no surprise they are nested under the appropriate page listed as Master Keys Audio.  I initially thought those were just the audio of the weekly webinars.

For the next ah-ha moment

My subby (Subconscious) is getting used to my daily affirmations.  Over the last 5 years I have read a lot of self-development books, they all have good information, but when you just read them only, you do not learn the meaning and purpose behind them.  It is great to be in the habit of daily reading of my DMP, which is still being tweaked to perfection.  It is great to also be piecing together more the affirmations, colors, and shapes to help trick the subby to new ideas.

I look forward to the weeks to come!



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One thought on “Week 4 the dim light begins to shine

  1. Both are very good insights Tim. Congratulations on looking around and finding the audios. Also you are realizing that reading is not enough….knowledge does not apply itself. Great week. Great Observations!!
    Tammy recently posted…It begins with habitsMy Profile

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