Week 5 Don’t Feel Bad If


Don’t feel bad if you need to change things.

You will continue to make changes to your Definite Major Purpose as needed as you mold into what you really want and Desire.  

Be excited that your mind has expanded, you now can also add more than 400 words.



Should I now add my GTR I want?



Should I add more trips?

Knock yourself out!

Just remember we are reading this a few times daily, this is not to be a chore, but still exciting and willing to read.  If you go to long, you will take a lot longer to read it.



Write up a Press Release, and make a new page for it.  The press release is an interview by the person(s) of your choice.

Third party.  Who is interviewing you?  Where are you at?  What are you eating, is it cold, warm, or hot out?  Daytime, nighttime, or mid day etc.

Picture the DMP clearly and FEEL THE ENTHUSIASM!


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