Week 6 Link It, Link It Good

Link It, Link It Good….

(Bad knockoff of 80’s artist Devo with the song, “Whip it, whip it good”

This week’s webinar is to help us understand that we are linking the 7 different learning methods to train the subconscious mind.

Colors, Shapes, Poster, oh my!

(Okay bad knock off of Wizard of Oz lions, tigers, and bears, oh my)

This week we print off some shapes and smart goals and put them up throughout the areas you are throughout the day.  Also with the shapes we print out we make a Movie Board, similar to a dream board, but more to it.  We add the shapes and colors to help the subconscious mind make the change we need.  Bob Proctor at the Scottsdale, AZ Think and Grow Rich seminar stated the way to move forward with training our subconscious is to learn, unlearn, and relearn as we go throughout life.  Most learned people learn something and think that it is correct and will not change over time.  Boy is that old thinking.


whistle and compass

You need to make a decision!

In life, we either make decisions and take control of our lives, or we live by the clock.

If we do not learn to control out thoughts and mind, we will not manifest what we desire!

We must actively think about what we want, if we don’t we will allow outside sources to add more bad crap into our lives.  Or, in other words, we typically will be on cruise control and manifesting the negative things around us, if we do not actively control our thoughts.

When we proactively control our thoughts, we are reprogramming our mind to what we are wanting or desire.  This will help us to build what we are looking to build, if we do not do this we will live by a clock all of our lives, and be working 6 days a week just to keep up.


I know a lot of this might of make sense, but that’s ok.

It doesn’t have to yet.  If you are not a part of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, MKMMA, that is ok, but we will be looking to bring people aboard in 2016.

Keep coming back and read the quick info links over the next few weeks and at some point I will add a squeeze page to this site to get your info, that way when we open doors for the masses you will know.


Thank you all for checking out my info, and may we meet on the beaches of the world.





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