Week 7 DMP and Music

Music Slam Dunk!

This is my favorite week so far!







Week 7 is all about adding your DMP and PPN to music.  So there are a few ways to add your voice to a recording, and then attach it to music.

You can use your typical smartphone to record your voice.  You will basically say a phrase three times in a row, pause, and then say the next phrase three times in a row, and continue in that manner for you DMP.  You should pause for three to five seconds before starting the next phrase.  After you record your voice you then add it to some music.

Add what music you may be asking.



I added my voice over to a few different types of music.  The first few I made is for meditating since I enjoy meditating.  Then I made one that is more upbeat.  This allows me to use it during a workout if I ever was to start to work out that is.  I can listen during my drive time, while on break, while sleeping, or whenever.









How do you add the voice to the music?

Most people will find a free program called Audacity is easy to use.  I used a program called Camtasia.  It’s not a free program, but you can use it for 30 days as a trial, and it works great.  Click HERE to get a trial copy straight from Camtasia. (Link opens in a new Tab)  I like Camtasia because I can raise or lower my voice over or the music to my liking.











This is how I learn the quickest!

Quick shout out to the #MKMMA team, YOU GUYS ROCK!



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