Week 8 Shut Off the TV

Shut Off the TV!!!!

…..And cut the cord!



This week’s info is centered on blocking out extra time robbing activities and a recap.





Mental Diet

This week really was a recap of the first 7 weeks of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.


Laws of the Mind

Practice makes perfect.

why fit in











Reviewed the 7 laws of the Mind

  1. Law of Forgiveness-Opens Supply line to realm of Devine Ideas and Abundance
  2. Law of Substitution-Can’t dismiss a thought?  Substitute it for a better one
  3. Law of Relaxation-Mental Effort to Clear the Mind
  4. Law of Practice-? Practice makes Perfect
  5. Law of Dual Thought-You pick the Feeling and link it to a Thought


Keys-To-Developing-And-Maintaining-Positive-Attitude positiveattitude



All in all, you must be in it to win it!  You must commit to doing the simple things now to have big gains later.  We all have limited amounts of free time, and yes the assignments do take time, but the payoff is HUGE!  Expect it and make the assignments a pleasure not a chore.

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